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Tools BoF

BoF Report - RIPE 37

Chair: Maldwyn Morris
Scribe: Guy Vegoda - Ta!
Time: 16:00 13/9/2000
Attendees: 106

Scope: Tools for Members' use specifically related to RIPE Local IR activities

1. Existing Tools

  • Asused* - allocation and assignment usage and consistency
  • Web141/ip-req-robot* - IP Address request check
  • ASinuse - AS number lookup
  • Web147 - AS Number request check
  • Stt* - mail reply template tool

2. Future Tools

  • Secure Web Page: reg info edit, 141/147 submit, gandalf
  • PGP for mails to & from [email protected]
  • as-req-robot
  • public version of RIPE NCC ticketing system


  • Allocation & Assignment Management Tool?
  • Easier Member access to RIPE Databases?
  • Scripts to work with proprietary Address Management Systems?

3. Member Tools

Holger Münzof of UUNET gave a talk on RICE, their ASNumber/ASMacro Management Tool

4. Whither the BOF?

  • Discuss requirements on mailing list: [email protected]
  • Tools BOFs if a lot to discuss, otherwise RIPE NCC to report in LIR working group.

BOF Report - RIPE 38

Tool BoF
Chair: Maldwyn Morris
Attendees: 92

1. Existing tools

  • Net: :IP : Perl Library for the Manipulation of IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses (Manuel Valente, RIPE NCC).
    See: Net: : IP on CPAN.
    A suggestion for added functionality was gratefully accepted, more comments are welcome at: swcontact@localhost

  • AS Request Checking and the Hostmaster Mail Robot (Timur Bakeyev, RIPE NCC)
  • Asused Allocation Checks (Timur Bakeyev, RIPE NCC)

2. Tools in development

  • Robo-Bijal (Guy Vegoda, Level 3) Nice demonstration and explanation of a useful tool for IP address Management.
  • RIPE DB version 3.0 and RPSL Migration (Andrei Robachevski, RIPE NCC)
  • Secure Web pages (Maldwyn Morris, RIPE NCC) - Demonstration of plans for RIPE NCC Member-only web pages.

3. Proposal for tools

Chair will bring up co-operative development of IP Address and Request Management Tool for LIRs in a mail on the lir-wg mailing list.

4. Survey

  • Chair asked the attendees what they wanted from the BOF
  • Most seemed fairly happy with current level of presentations.
  • Members are encouraged to try the tools, especially asused and stt.
  • They should all work on most modern, Unix-like OSes- bugs welcome at: swcontact@localhost

There were no questions.
Rob suggested creating a new working group: Tools-WG.