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All presentations delivered by RIPE NCC Staff
Recent Developments in RPKI - INEX

Presentation given by Mikhail Puzanov at INEX in Dublin, Ireland on 30 March 2023

Routing Security, Another Elephant in the Room - BHNOG0

Presentation given by Alex Semenyaka at BHNOG0 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on 29 March 2023

Country Report, from RIPE NCC perspective - DKNOG 13

Presentation given by Alena Muravska at DKNOG 13 in Copenhagen, Denmark on 10 March 2023

Spotting Latency Issues with RIPE Atlas - Apricot 2023

Presentation give by Lia Hestina at Apricot 2023 in Manila, Philippines on 2 March 2023

Supporting RIPE NCC's vision with training and certification - LINX 118

Presentation given by Jad El Cham at LINX 118 in London, England on 27-28 February 2023

Deploying IPv6-mostly access networks - APNIC 55

Presentation given by Ondřej Caletka online at APNIC 55 on 28 February 2023

IPv6 in the Nordics (and why it’s important) - ICANN Training Series - Nordic Region

Presentation given by Suzanne Taylor online at the ICANN Training Series - Nordic Region on 7 December 2022

Internet Infrastructure and Climate Justice: Societal Aspects - IAB E-impact Workshop 2022

Presentation given by Vesna Manojlovic at IAB E-impact Workshop 2022 in .... on 5 December 2022

Run Your Own Networking Lab with Vagrant and Ansible - NLUUG Najaarsconferentie 2022

Presentation given by Ondřej Caletka at NLUUG Najaarsconferentie 2022 in Utrecht, the Netherlands on 29 November 2022

Ten Years of IPv6 from the RIPE NCC Perspective - IPv6 Council Annual Meeting 2022

Presentation given by Ondřej Caletka at IPv6 Council Annual Meeting 2022 in London, England on 28 November 2022