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All presentations delivered by RIPE NCC Staff
Internet under sanctions, then and now - BalCCon

Presentation given by Jelena Cosic at BalCCon in Novi Sad, Serbia on 25 September 2022

Introduction to Internet Governance & RIPE NCC - Danish Students and Internet Governance

Presentation given by Vesna Manojlovic at Danish Students and Internet Governance in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 21 September 2022


Presentation made by Florian Obser at NONOG 4 in Oslo, Norway on 21 September 2022

Panel : Sustainability and Green Internet - SIGCAS Showcase 2022

Presentation given by Vesna Manojlovic online at SIGCAS Showcase 2022 on 15 September 2022

Internet Measurements with RIPE NCC Tools - MCH2022

Presentation given by Vesna Manojlovic, Emile Aben and Jelena Cosic at MCH2022 in Zeewolde, the Netherlands on 25 July 2022

Resilience Under Pressure - ENISA Telecom Security Forum

Presentation given by Chris Buckridge at ENISA Telecom Security Forum in Brussels, Belgium on 29 June 2022

RIPEstat, RIPE Atlas and RIS - M3AAWG 55

Presentation given by Christian Teuschel at M3AAWG 55 on 13 June 2022

Le Paysage de l'Internet Français - FRnOG 35

Presentation given by Stephen Suess at FRnOG 35 on May 13 in Paris


Presentation given by Michela Galante at LACNIC 37 on 2 May 2022

The Resilience of the Internet in Ukraine