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Activity Plan and Budget Approval

The Executive Board is responsible for the preparation and the adoption of the annual Activity Plan and Budget. This document describes the Activity Plan and Budget approval in accordance with the RIPE NCC Articles of Association (Articles 8.1, 15.1 and 15.4). The RIPE NCC Articles of Association will always prevail over this document.

Each calendar year the Executive Board adopts a draft Activity Plan and Budget in accordance with the process described in the RIPE NCC procedural document "Adoption Process for RIPE NCC Corporate Documents".

In particular, the RIPE NCC management will prepare a draft Activity Plan and Budget, which will be presented to the RIPE NCC Executive Board. After review and amendment, the Executive Board will publish the draft Activity Plan and Budget to the RIPE NCC Members at least four weeks before the next General Meeting for discussion and will place a topic on the General Meeting agenda to discuss the Activity Plan and Budget.

At the General Meeting, the Executive Board will present on the draft Activity Plan and Budget and will discuss it with the RIPE NCC members in order to collect their feedback.

If comments are received, then the Executive Board may ask the RIPE NCC management to present an updated version of the document to the Executive Board, taking the received comments into account. The Executive Board will be responsible for signing off on the document and the final version will be published to the RIPE NCC membership and RIPE community.