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Adoption Process for RIPE NCC Corporate Documents

This document describes the procedure for adopting RIPE NCC corporate documents, including terms and conditions for various RIPE NCC services, legal statements (e.g. Privacy statement, Copyright statement) and documents detailing implementation aspects of RIPE policies.

In particular it describes:

  • Who will approve RIPE NCC corporate documents
  • In which cases the RIPE NCC membership or RIPE community, or both, will be asked to provide input about the RIPE NCC corporate documents

When there is a need for a new RIPE NCC corporate document, the RIPE NCC management will prepare a draft, which will be presented to the RIPE NCC Executive Board.

The RIPE NCC Executive Board, as representatives of the membership, will decide on the process to be followed from this point. Depending on the type of document and the impact it may have on RIPE NCC members and the RIPE community, the Executive Board may choose to:

  1. Approve the document for publication directly.
  2. Request further information from the RIPE NCC management.
  3. Request approval by the RIPE NCC General Meeting (GM), in which case approval of the document will be put forward as a resolution at the next GM.
  4. Seek further input from the RIPE NCC members or RIPE community.

Documents that must be approved by the GM are:

  • The Articles of Association
  • The Standard Services Agreement
  • The Charging Scheme
  • The Arbitration Procedure
  • The RIPE NCC Financial Report

If the Executive Board decides that further feedback from the membership or RIPE community is required, the document will be published as a draft and will be shared with the members or the RIPE community via the appropriate mailing lists. If the RIPE NCC members or RIPE community have no comments on the document, the Executive Board will decide whether the document should be published.

If comments are received then the RIPE NCC management will present a new version of the document to the Executive Board taking the received comments into account . The Executive Board will be responsible for signing off on the document and the final version will be published to the RIPE NCC membership and RIPE community.

All RIPE NCC corporate documents may be subject to review at any time. Any amendments to these documents will be approved according to the procedure described above. 


Diagram displaying adoption process for RIPE NCC corporate documents. Please select the image to view the larger version.