Multicast Monitoring on RIPE NCC Test Traffic Boxes

This proposal is to add functionality to the Test Traffic Measurement (TTM) service that allows for testing of multicast-capable networks.

a. Arguments supporting the proposal:

The RIPE NCC test-boxes form a very useful measurement platform, distributed over a large number of provider networks.

IP Multicast monitoring is inherently difficult, as you cannot easily probe connectivity from a single point of view - some problems need testing and monitoring from multiple different locations to identify "black holes" on some paths.

Troubleshooting connectivity issues that span multiple networks is easier if a neutral entity does the monitoring and pinpoints problem areas.

I think the RIPE NCC Test Traffic network is uniquely qualified to do this.

An informal poll on the Test Traffic Working Group mailing list has shown that there are a fair number of current test-box hosts interested in this feature.

b. Arguments opposing the proposal:
Some arguments have been brought forward that there are not enough multicast-capable networks to make this a worthwile action.