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Participation in the RIPE Policy Development Process

The RIPE Policy Development Process (PDP) is open to anyone who is interested in the well-being of the Internet. Participation by a wide group of people with different backgrounds and concerns ensures that policy development meets the needs of as many people as possible.

The RIPE NCC works to encourage community engagement with the PDP. This includes reporting on participation in policy discussions in the various RIPE Working Groups. The following maps track the number of participants who sent a post to a Working Group mailing list as part of a policy discussion.

Darker colours indicate more people participated from that country. Hovering over a country will show the exact numbers.

Participation in 2023

Participation in 2022

Participation in 2021

Participation in 2020

Participation in 2019

Participation in 2018

Participation in 2017

Participation in 2016

Participation in 2015