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The RIPE Academic Cooperation Initiative (RACI)

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The goal of RACI is to promote increased RIPE Meeting participation from academics in the RIPE NCC service region, and to strengthen the links between the RIPE community and the academic community. Encouraging a new generation of attendees with an interest in the technical development of the Internet will hopefully strengthen the RIPE community in the years ahead.

The initiative is an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their research to the RIPE community and enhance their own professional networks. Students are also invited to discuss their research with industry experts.

Through RACI, the RIPE NCC offers up to six academics the chance to attend and, if selected by the RIPE Programme Committee, present their work during a plenary session or in lightning talks at another designated session during the RIPE Meeting. RACI proposals may also be selected for presentation in RIPE Working Group sessions.

More information and details for academics on how to apply are now available.

RACI application is open to any academics based in the RIPE NCC service region.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding RACI, you can contact the RACI Coordination Team at raci [at] ripe [dot] net.