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RIPE NCC Unlocks Registration in RIPE Registry


On 8 November 2011, following an order from the Dutch police, the RIPE NCC temporarily locked four specific blocks of IPv4 addresses in the RIPE Registry to prevent any changes being made to their registration.

Today, 10 January 2012, the RIPE NCC will remove the temporary lock from these IPv4 address blocks.

The RIPE NCC has willingly engaged in discussions with the Dutch Public Prosecutor since the police order was issued. The RIPE NCC is now removing the temporary lock because it is of the opinion that there is insufficient legal grounding to execute such an order.

The RIPE NCC is investigating further the legal impact of the police order so a precedent can be established for orders that might be received in the future, and so that there is clarity on the matter for RIPE NCC members and the wider Internet community.

Original news announcement on the Dutch police order