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RIPE NCC Strategy 2022-2026 Published

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The RIPE NCC five-year strategy document is now available. The strategy has been approved by the RIPE NCC Executive Board and will guide the RIPE NCC’s work in the coming years. The document sets out our vision, mission and values which will support the RIPE NCC's strategic objectives.

The Activity Plan and Budget 2022has also been published after approval by the Board and input from the membership. Each Activity Plan and Budget over the next five years will be lead by the five year strategy. The document outlines the work we will undertake in the coming year, the associated costs for each activity and the executive summary provides an overview of activities for 2022.

Key points in this year's Activity Plan and Budget:

  • Our expenses will increase by 6%
  • We will grow our FTE count from 170 to 187 (10% increase)
  • We now expect to start 2022 with 22,500 LIR accounts
  • The membership fee remains at EUR 1,400 per LIR account
  • The cost per LIR is EUR 1,582 – up from EUR 1,459 in the 2021 budget (8% increase)

A section at the end of the document notes changes since the draft was published in October. There were a number of amendments to the Activity Plan. This included restated figures, most notably cloud costs moved to the various activities they related to and there was an increase in budget for the Office of the Managing Director.