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RIPE NCC Report on the 2013 IGF

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Several members of the RIPE NCC's staff and Senior Management attended, along with two members of the RIPE NCC Executive Board. Working in close cooperation with the other Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), we participated in workshops on IXPs, security, measurements, regional cooperation and IPv4 transfer markets.

Additionally, the RIPE NCC sponsored two members of the RIPE community, Merike Kaeo and Nick Hilliard, to travel to Bali and participate as speakers in a number of the workshops.

Reports and session transcripts for the three workshops the RIPE NCC was involved in organising can be found on the IGF website:

Anne-Rachel Inné, AFRINIC COO, spoke at the closing ceremony on behalf of the Internet technical community. Looking back at a successful event, she noted that there is a further need for enhanced cooperation between different stakeholders at both the global and regional levels. She also highlighted the importance of the IGF as a place to discuss important and delicate issues amongst the different stakeholder groups. Hoping to maintain the open and collaborative spirit of Internet cooperation, she stressed the need to further strengthen the IGF, and called on all stakeholders to help in providing a stable and sustainable financial basis for the secretariat and future meetings.

The next IGF will be held in early September 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey. We welcome any input regarding the RIPE NCC's participation at the IGF in 2014 via the Cooperation Working Groupmailing list.