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RIPE NCC General Meeting April 2012


The RIPE NCC General Meeting (GM) was held 18-19 April 2012 adjacent to the RIPE 64 Meeting in Ljubljana. There were 99 attendees, excluding RIPE NCC staff and observers from the other Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).

There were two resolutions to be voted on at the GM. The results of voting on the resolutions were as follows:

Resolution 1: The General Meeting adopts the 2011 Financial Report of the RIPE NCC.
Yes 270
No 5
Abstain 28

Resolution 2: The General Meeting discharges the Executive Board with regard to its actions as they appear from the Annual Report 2011.
Yes 244
No 12
Abstain 45

There was also an election to fill one seat on the RIPE NCC Executive Board. The results of the election were as follows:

First Count:
Dmitry Burkov 174
Ulf Kieber 85
Dmitry Kohmanyuk 44

Dmitry Burkov was elected and retained his seat on the Executive Board.

More information on the GM.

The RIPE NCC would like to thank its membership for the input and support given at the General Meeting.