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RIPE Group Aims to Enhance Cooperation

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Announced in September 2008, the RIPE Cooperation Working Group is an important forum in which to discuss cooperation between the many stakeholders in the Internet community, including business, government, regulators and civil society. It follows on from the work of the RIPE Enhanced Cooperation Task Force, community discussions at the RIPE 56 Meeting in May 2008, and the recognition that a more open dialogue between all stakeholders is vital to ensuring the continued stability of the Internet.

On the Cooperation Working Group pages, you will find a draft charter for the working group and a link to subscribe to the mailing list.

As with all RIPE Working Groups, both the name and charter of the Cooperation Working Group are open for discussion, whether on the mailing list or at RIPE Meetings. Co-chairs for the Cooperation Working Group will be Martin Boyle, from the .uk registry Nominet, and Maria Häll, from the Government Offices of Sweden.

Everyone with an interest in multistakeholder cooperation is encouraged to participate in this new working group, either on the mailing list or by attending the working group session at RIPE Meetings.