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RIPE Database - Redirecting reverse DNS updates

ripe database news announcement

From 8 December 2003, as part of the effort to streamline reverse DNS operations, domain updates that contain or type entries sent to <[email protected]> will automatically be forwarded to <[email protected]> for processing. This will continue until the two processes are combined into one.

Such updates will be processed as follows:

  • If the update contains only domain objects whose "domain:" attributes end with '' or '' , it will be redirected to: <[email protected]>
  • If the update contains a mixture of domain objects whose "domain:" attributes end with '' or '', as well as other types of database objects, the message will be rejected. The user will receive an e-mail requesting that the objects be separated and re-submitted.
  • All other e-mails will be processed as normal.
  • It will not be possible to update these domain objects using syncupdates.

Please don't hesitate to contact <[email protected]> for questions, comments or suggestions.

See also: The Reverse DNS (RDNS) project