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New Ticketing System for [email protected]

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As was announced at the RIPE 42 meeting, questions and requests directed to the RIPE Database Administration ([email protected]) will be processed using a ticketing system starting from 6 May 2002. This will allow us to track your requests more efficiently and further improve the quality of support we provide to you.

Upon introduction of the ticketing system, no automatic acknowledgments will be sent back to you.

Reply messages from the ripe-dbm mailbox will have a modified subject line which will include a unique reference number. This will be done by adding a ticket number to the original subject line of the message (e.g. Re: NCC#2002044160 <original subject>). Please preserve this ticket number in your further correspondence with [email protected].

No other changes should be visible to you in your correspondence..

The automatic database update email [email protected] is not affected.

If you have any more questions regarding this issue please don't hesitate to contact [email protected].