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NCC Survey 2013 - Key Findings and Proposed Actions

ripe ncc survey

In May and June 2013, the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) carried out the RIPE NCC Survey 2013 on behalf of the RIPE NCC. Over 3,600 people, including from 75 of the 76 countries in our service region, participated. The RIPE NCC is extremely grateful to all those who took the time to give their input.

The OII analysed the survey data and produced a number of key findings. The RIPE NCC now proposes a number of action areas to address the issues brought up in the survey.

The document detailing all 48 findings and the corresponding actions proposed by the RIPE NCC is now available. However, it should be noted that work continues in all areas.

The RIPE NCC will also periodically review the list and make adjustments if necessary. In 2014, the document will be updated with the outcomes of the actions taken by the RIPE NCC in each area.