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IRIS Server Prototype

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As part a project to implement the IRIS protocol (also known as CRISP), the RIPE NCC set up a prototype IRIS server for public testing. The server implemented the AREG protocol, and provided live data from the RIPE Database.

About the Server Software

We set up the prototype server as a proxy in front of the RIPE Database. It was based on the FlowerBed server implementation developed by VeriSign Labs.

Related code changes were fed back into the main FlowerBed code base which was available for download from the project website.

Web Query Interface

There remains a simple web interface at the following address:

Perl Client Library

The RIPE NCC developed a prototype Perl client that could be used to make queries to AREG servers. This was not a complete client implementation, but we felt that it was useful for people that wanted to test the service.

Graphical Client

Pimmit was an IRIS client developed by VeriSign Research. It featured a graphical user interface that supported all registry specific query types.