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Confirmed Nominees for Representatives to the ASO Address Council 2002 - RIPE NCC Service Region

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Candidate Statements:

  • Wilfried Woeber - Vienna University

Address Council Selection Process

The process for the selection of a nominee to serve on the Address Council will involve an open election. The election process will be held during the plenary session of the RIPE 43 Meeting, 9-13 September 2002, in Rhodes, Greece. See the following URL for details about the selection procedure:

More information about RIPE 43 is available at:

Expressions of Support

To support the nominated Representative to the ASO Address Council, please submit an expression of support by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. Please include

  • the nominees name,
  • motivation for support,
  • your name ,
  • your e-mail address and
  • the organisation you work for.

All valid expression of supports received by the RIPE NCC will be posted on our website, within a few days of receipt.

Important Dates:

26 August 2002 - deadline to post list of nominees on the RIPE NCC website

9-13 September 2002 - RIPE 43 Meeting, Rhodes, Greece

Original Call for Nominations