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[DRAFT] Experimental Internet Resource Allocations & Assignments

Philip Smith, Cisco
Geoff Huston, Telstra

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction

Organisations often require deployment tests for new Internet services and technologies. These require numbering resources for the duration of the test.

The policy goal of resource conservation is of reduced importance when resources are issued on a temporary basis.

This document formalises the policy whereby the RIPE NCC registers numbering resources issued on a temporary basis for Internet experiments.

2.0 Defining the Experiment

An organisation receiving numbering resources must document the experiment. This may be in the form of a current IETF Experimental RFC ( see Sec. 4.2.1) or an “experiment proposal” detailing the resources required and the activities to be carried out.

For experiments requiring IP address space the assignment size will be equal to the existing minimum allocation size on the date the request is received. For Autonomous System Number (ASN) requests a single ASN will be assigned. Where the experiment requires a variation to this rule it should be noted in the resource request.

3.0 Publication

The experiment proposal must be made public (e.g. published on web site), upon registration of the resources by the RIPE NCC. Following the conclusion of the experiment the results must be published free of charge and free from disclosure constraints.

4.0 Non-commercial Basis

Resources issued for an experiment must not be used for commercial purposes.

5.0 Period of the Temporary Resource Registration

The resources will be issued on a temporary basis for a period of one year. Renewal of the resources registration is possible on receipt of a new request that details any continuation of the experiment during the extended period.

The resources issued cannot be used for a commercial service following the conclusion of the experiment.

6.0 Registration

The RIPE NCC will register the resources issued in the RIPE Whois Database.

7.0 Making the Request

The request must be made by a Local Internet Registry (LIR) using the appropriate request form for the resource found at:

8.0 Nota Bene

Upon acceptance of this draft document by the RIPE community, the text will be incorporated into the IPv4, IPv6 and ASN policy documents available from the RIPE Document Store at: