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Supporting Notes for the IPv4 First Allocation Request Form

Publication date:
17 Apr 2014
PDF (45.9 KB)

Please note: all email-based request forms have been archived on the website and are available through the LIR Portal. You can find an announcement about this here.

To request resources from the RIPE NCC, members should now use the request forms in the LIR Portal.

The Resource Request API and accompanying documentation is available for members with workflows that prevent them from using the LIR Portal request forms.


This document contains instructions for LIRs on how to complete the "IPv4 First Allocation Request Form". The instructions are based on the "IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy for the RIPE region".


General Information

% Please add your RegID.
request-type: ipv4-first-alloc
form-version: 1.2
x-ncc-regid: nl.bluelight

Please do not change the value of the "request-type:" and
"form-version:" fields.

Enter your Registry Identifier (RegID) in the "x-ncc-regid:"
field. RegIDs have the following format: <country code>.<name>. If you
do not know your RegID, please contact <[email protected]>.

Requester Template

% Please add your contact details.
name: John Smith
phone: +123 45 678910
email: [email protected]

Enter your contact details in the requester template. You must be a registered contact for the LIR. The LIR Portal contains the list of registered contacts for your LIR.

Please use the international dialling codes (for example, +31 for the Netherlands,) in the "phone:" field.

Address Space Usage

% Will you make assignment(s) from the requested allocation? (Yes/No)
usage-confirmation: Yes

To receive the allocation please confirm that you will make assignment(s) from the allocation. If you plan to make assignments to your own infrastructure or customers, enter "Yes".

Database Template(s)

% Please complete all of the fields below.
country:       NL
admin-c:       HOHO1-RIPE
tech-c:        HOHO1-RIPE
status:        ALLOCATED PA
mnt-by:        RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-lower:     BLUELIGHT-MNT
mnt-routes:    BLUELIGHT-MNT
notify:        [email protected]
changed:       [email protected]
source:        RIPE

Leave the "inetnum:", "netname:", "org:" and "descr:" fields empty as we (the RIPE NCC) will complete them.

Enter the ISO country code of the country where the resource will be announced in the "country:" field.

Person and role objects contain information about people. Each object has a unique NIC handle (nic-hdl).

Maintainers protect objects in the RIPE Whois database. They contain the information needed to authorise creation, deletion or modification of these objects.

To create the first person and maintainer objects of an organisation, you can use

You can create additional person, role and maintainer objects using webupdates.

The nic-hdl of the role or person object in the "admin-c:" field should reflect someone who is administratively responsible for the network.

The nic-hdl of the role or person object in the "tech-c:" field should reflect someone who has technical knowledge of the network.

The "status:" field must be ALLOCATED PA.

The "mnt-by:" field must be RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT. You will be able to update your allocation object using the Object Editors.

The "mnt-lower:" field shows which maintainer authorises the creation of inetnum objects (i.e. assignments) within the allocation block.

The "mnt-routes:" field shows which maintainer authorises the creation of route objects for the allocation block.

The RIPE Whois database must contain all of the objects that you mention.

We will send an email to the email address in the "notify:" field every time the allocation object is updated.

The "changed:" field must be [email protected].

The "source:" field must be RIPE.

Insert Supplemental Comments

% You can add more information if necessary

You can use this space for additional information that you think will be helpful for us when we evaluate your request.

End of Request