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Supporting Notes for the IPv6 Additional Allocation Request Form

Publication date:
08 Aug 2012
PDF (11.7 KB)

Please note: all email-based request forms have been archived on the website and are available through the LIR Portal. You can find an announcement about this here.

To request resources from the RIPE NCC, members should now use the request forms in the LIR Portal.

The Resource Request API and accompanying documentation is available for members with workflows that prevent them from using the LIR Portal request forms.



This document contains instructions for RIPE NCC members on how to complete the "IPv6 Additional Allocation Request Form".

The instructions are based on the "IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy".

General Information

% Please add your RegID.

request-type: ipv6-add-alloc
form-version: 1.0
x-ncc-regid:  nl.bluelight

Please do not change the value of the "request-type:" and "form-version:" fields.

Enter your Registry Identifier (RegID) in the "x-ncc-regid:" field. RegIDs have the following format: <country code >.<name>. If you do not know your RegID, please contact <[email protected]>.

Requester Template

% Please add your contact details.
name:    John Smith
phone:   +123 45 678910
fax-no:  +123 45 678911
email:   [email protected]
nic-hdl: HOHO1-RIPE

Enter your contact details in the requester template. You must be a registered contact for the LIR. The LIR Portal ( contains the list of registered contacts for your LIR.

Please use the international dialing codes (for example, +31 for the Netherlands,) in the "phone:" and "fax-no:" fields.

Enter your NIC handle in the "nic-hdl:" field, if you have one.

Insert Supplemental Comments

% Please add more information if you have specific
% addressing needs.

We are now providing connectivity to more than 50K corporate customers and 30K small business users (SOHOs). Our large corporate customers receive a /48. The small business users and private users receive a /56. 

We are adding per month about 4K new corporate customers and 2K new business users.
We would like to extend our /32 allocation to a /29.

You can use this space for additional information that you think will be helpful for us when we evaluate your request, such as the amount of extra space you would need and the justification for requesting said space.

End of Request