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Supporting Notes for the ENUM Request Form

Publication date:
15 Dec 2010
PDF (236.9 KB)

This document explains how to complete the ENUM Request Form.

The form and these supporting notes are based on the "IAB Instructions to the RIPE NCC Regarding Operation of the Domain ("ENUM")",

Your request and all related communication will be publicly available at:

Send your completed form to [email protected].

General Information
Requester Details
Organisation Details
Database Template
Supplemental Comments


Before completing the request form, create the following objects in the RIPE Database.

1. Person/Role Object(s)

Person and role objects contain information about people. Each object has a unique NIC handle ("nic-hdl:").

Mntner objects protect objects in the RIPE Database. They contain the information needed to authorise creation, deletion or modification of the objects that they protect.

You can create your first person and mntner objects using RIPE Database New User Start-up Form.

Leave the "Nic-hdl:" field empty.

Choose a name for your mntner object and enter it in the "Maintainer name:" field.

ENUM Request Form Screen Shot 1

ENUM Request Form, Screenshot 2

ENUM Request Form, Screenshot 3

When you receive the message "Succeeded!", make a note of your “person nic-hdl” and “maintainer name”. You will need them later.

You can create additional person and role objects and also change the objects you already created using webupdates.

2. Organisation Object

Organisation objects contain information about organisations. Each object has a unique organisation ID ("organisation:"). You can create organisation objects using webupdates.

Enter "AUTO-1" in the "organisation:" field.

Enter "OTHER" in the "org-type:" field.

Enter the name of your mntner object in the "mnt-ref:" and "mnt-by:" fields.

Add a "password" field and enter the password for your mntner object in clear-text.

ENUM Request Form, Screenshot 4

When you receive the message "Create SUCCEEDED: [organisation] ORG-XYZ-RIPE", make a note of the new organisation ID (ORG-XYZ-RIPE). You will need it later.

You should now have:

  • at least one person/role object

  • one mntner object
  • one organisation object

You can use these in the ENUM Request Form.

General Information

% Please do not change the value of the two fields below.
request-type: enum
form-version: 1.0

Do not change the value of the "request-type:" and "form-version:" fields.

Requester Details

% Please add your contact details.
name:   John Smith
phone: +123 45 678910
fax-no: +123 45 678911
email: [email protected]

Enter your contact details.

Use the international dialling code (for example, +31 for the Netherlands,) in the "phone:" and "fax-no:" fields.

Organisation Details

% Which organisation is requesting the delegation?
legal-organisation-name: Arctic Telecom
organisation-location: Frostlane 1-3, 0135 NN Ice-Valley, Northern Nowhere

Enter the legal name and primary location of the organisation that is requesting the delegation in the "legal-organisation-name:" and "organisation-location:" fields. If this organisation has a website, enter its URL in the "website:" field.

Database Template

% Please complete all of the fields below.
descr: Arctic Telecom
admin-c: JS6381-RIPE
tech-c: JS6381-RIPE
zone-c: JS6381-RIPE
changed: [email protected]
source: RIPE

Enter a fully qualified domain name for the requested delegation in the "domain:" field (without a trailing dot). The domain name consists of the the country's E.164 code, written in reverse, with each digit separated by a dot. For example, the country code "+123" is written as "".

Enter the name of your organisation in the "descr:" field.

Enter the organisation ID of your organisation object in the "org:" field.

The NIC handle of the role or person object in the "admin-c:" field should reflect someone who is administratively responsible for the delegation.

The NIC handle of the role or person object in the "tech-c:" and "zone-c:" fields should reflect someone who has technical knowledge of DNS setup of the delegation.

Enter the hostnames of two name servers in the two "nserver:" fields. You can add more "nserver:" fields if needed. You can also add an IP address after a hostname to specify a glue record. Prior to delegation, all name servers should be configured as authoritative for the requested zone in accordance with RFC 1912.

Enter the name of your mntner object in the "mnt-by:" field.

The "changed:" field must be [email protected].

The "source:" field must be RIPE.

Supplemental Comments

% Please add more information if you think it will help us understand
% this request.
The Ministry of Telecommunications of Northern Nowhere selected Arctic
Telecom to run the Northern Nowhere ENUM trial. This delegation will allow
Arctic Telecom to conduct field trials of ENUM-enabled technologies in
Northern Nowhere.

You can use this space for additional information that you think will be helpful.