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RIPE NCC Training Registration Guidelines

Publication date:
13 Aug 2009
  • Training Services Department
PDF (78.1 KB)
This document is obsolete. The terms and conditions applicable to RIPE NCC-organised training courses are available here.


This document describes:

1. How We Select Training Course Locations

We decide where to hold courses based on:

  • The number of registries in a country (We only count those Local Internet Registries (LIRs) with the status "normal service")
  • The number of new registries during the last 12 months
  • The number of courses that we have recently offered in that country
  • The number of participants from each country that have come to our courses during the last 12 months
  • The number of participants from each country that have attended our courses held outside their own country in the last 12 months
  • Statistics and input from the RIPE NCC Registration Services (RS) Department
  • Relevant conferences and meetings within the RIPE NCC service region
  • Special requests (from members or by the RIPE NCC)
  • Companies that are willing to host our training courses
  • Government travel advice

There is a complete list of all upcoming courses on the LIR Portal.

If we notice low interest in a course, we might decide to cancel it at any time up to four weeks before it is due to take place.

2. Hosted Training Courses

LIRs can offer to host RIPE NCC training courses at their own premises.

We handle registration and most of the logistics. The course must be open to all RIPE NCC members.

There is more information about how to host RIPE NCC training courses at:

3. Announcement of Training Courses

You can find details of the courses we offer on our website.

We announce the locations and dates of courses to the ncc-announce mailing list and through the LIR Portal at least six weeks in advance.

4. Registration

An LIR must be an active member of the RIPE NCC to register for one of our courses.

You can register as follows:

You can also send an email to [email protected], though as it can take longer for us to deal with such mails, this is not the recommended way to register for a course.

5. Local Internet Registries Category Allocation

We use categories to decide on priority for places on our courses. Category A is the highest, category D is the lowest. For the purpose of training courses, we divide members into four categories:

  • Category A: New members: An LIR that has paid their start-up fees within the last 12 months but has not yet sent two representatives to any RIPE NCC course.

  • Category B: An LIR that has been a member for longer than 12 months, but has not yet sent two representatives to any of the RIPE NCC courses during the past year.

  • Category C: All members that are not in category A, B or D.

  • Category D: LIRs with more than three no-shows (see below) in the last 12 months.

6. No-shows

A 'no-show' is someone who registers for, but does not show up for a training course. This wastes valuable resources and, more importantly, could prevent others from attending a course.

You can cancel your place on a course, however we must receive your cancellation at least three working days before it takes place.

If a registered applicant fails to attend a course, his or her registry has one less available place in Category A or B, as explained above. We are unable to make any exceptions to this rule.

If a registered applicant is unable to attend a training course, an LIR may send a replacement in their place.

7. Priority System

We allocate places on our courses as follows:

  • LIRs in the highest category will be offered places first. We explain the categories in Section 5 of this document.

  • If there are more applicants from a particular category than available places, we will allocate places on a "first come, first served" basis.

  • At our discretion, we may give priority to applicants from the location where the course is to take place.

If there are still places available one calendar month before the course, we will register any further applicants on a "first come, first served" basis regardless of the priority categories.

8. Notification of Acceptance

Whenever possible, we will confirm places on our courses one calendar month before the date of the course. If you register within a month of the course, we will send the confirmation as soon as possible after we deal with your application.

Send any questions or comments about the RIPE NCC training policy and training courses to [email protected]


The RIPE NCC reserves the right to change this document.