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This document obsoletes ripe-429 Link: /publications/docs/ripe-429/ .

Since 2004, DNSMON Link: has provided a comprehensive and independent overview of the quality of the service provided by infrastructure-level Domain Name System (DNS) servers. The background and history of the service can be found in "RIPE 342" [1], which this document obsoletes.

DNSMON is built on top of the RIPE Atlas service Link: using RIPE Atlas anchors Link: as vantage points Test Traffic Monitoring (TTM) network [2], and it uses the same probes for its measurements. Measurements are carried out by sending normal DNS queries to monitored servers at regular intervals. All results are available to the public.

The RIPE NCC's DNSMON measurements benefit the entire Internet community by providing an objective and impartial global overview of TLD-level DNS operations. As part of this service, we monitor some interesting infrastructure domains, including the root and some ccTLD zones. The list of currently monitored domains is included in the appendix Link: #appendix root, free of charge.

If requested by the zone operators, we will additionally also configure monitoring for the DNS servers of: