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This is a procedural document that describes the audit activity of the RIPE NCC.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction Link: #1
2. Goals Link: #2
3. Principles Link: #3
4. Types Link: #4
5. Process Link: #5
6. Compliance Measures Link: #6
7. Appeals Link: #7

1. Introduction

At the 1996 Contributors Committee Meeting the RIPE NCC was asked to significantly increase its efforts to ensure the validity of registry data. Audit has been a specific activity of the RIPE NCC since that time.

2. Goals

Audit activity is done to ensure fair and neutral application of policies set by the RIPE community, to the general benefit of the Internet.

Auditing can also provide the RIPE community with information about specific policy areas where problems are occurring, helping to ensure the efficient investment of resources in appropriate areas. This can include policy areas that need revision by the RIPE community, or areas where the RIPE NCC can improve compliance through better education and communication with the membership.

3. Principles

Audit evaluation is based on compliance with the RIPE community policies current at the time of the audit. Audits are conducted with the intent to educate RIPE NCC members on how to achieve compliance.

Members that are already working in compliance with the RIPE community policies will have as little disturbance to their operations as possible.

Impartiality and confidentiality are given the highest priority throughout the audit process.

4. Types


The member to be audited is chosen by the RIPE NCC at random.


A member is selected because of an internal report or due to a lack of contact between the RIPE NCC and the member.


The member has requested the audit themselves or there has been a community complaint made against them that requires investigation.

5. Process

The RIPE NCC informs the member that they are in audit and then provides individual assistance in checking LIR data, resource records and validity of RIPE Database records.

6. Compliance Measures

All measures used to ensure compliance with RIPE community policies are based on current policies and on the service agreements signed with RIPE NCC members.

The RIPE NCC will provide audit subjects with individual assistance and education, and will make every effort to help members comply with the policies. If the member is found to be unable to comply with the RIPE community policies, further measures may be necessary. This may include, but is not restricted to, a review of the audited organisation's membership status.

7. Appeals

Audits are carried out in a completely neutral and transparent manner. However, if at any time a RIPE NCC member feels it is appropriate, they may appeal any decision of the auditing team. An appeal is made by applying for arbitration, as described in the RIPE NCC arbitration process: Link: Link: