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Relationship Between A & R Networks And Commercial Networks

Publication date:
15 Jan 1992
  • G.Kowack
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Call for Participation

A New RIPE Group:

Relations Between the Research and Academic Networks
and the Commercial Networks

Glenn Kowack
[email protected]

European networking is divided between two broad classes
of networks: the government-supported academic and
research networks and the commercial networks. Each of
these types of networks have distinct and occasionally
conflicting goals, operational standards, and policies.

In the past, little coordination between these networks
has been necessary due to the limited interaction of
these two groups. However, the recent growth of IP net-
working and the arrival of many new commercial networking
organizations have started to bring these two type of
networks together frequently.

RIPE is forming a group to provide a forum for discussion
of relations between the Academic and Research Netorks
and the Commercial Networks. It will be a continuing goal
of the group to identify, discuss, and recommend solutions to problems when they are small and have not yet
inhibited network growth or technical progress.

Policies for possible discussion include:

Internetwork Efficiency
Operational Coordination
Economics and Cost-Sharing
Acceptable Use

The first meeting of this group will take place at the
20-22 January RIPE meeting in Amsterdam. At that time we
suggest that the group begin three activities:

First, to draft a preliminary mission statement for this
group. We recommend that this mission statement be com-
pleted at the following RIPE meeting.

Second, to begin a list of discussion areas and an action
plan. We recommend that this list and plan be completed
at the summer RIPE meeting.

Third, to review the activity of other groups and persons
which can be used as input to this group, and to deter-
mine which groups and persons should be informed of this
group's activities.

All interested persons and networking organizations are
invited to participate.