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Letter of Introduction

Publication date:
29 Nov 1989
  • R.Blokzijl
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During the last year Europe has seen a growing number of IP networks with a coverage that goes beyond that of a typical LAN. Networks of regional, national and international importance have come into operation. Though these networks are operated under the separate executive authority of the various organisations that own them, a growing tendency has been observed to interconnect them on an ad hoc basis.

In order to facilitate the interconnection of separate IP networks, a co-ordinating body has been formed recently by most of the organisations running IP services in Europe today. Under the name of RIPE (Reseaux IP Europeens), a framework has been set up whithin which a growing number of IP network service providers will coordinate the inter-network aspects of their services.

Enclosed with this letter are documents describing RIPE in more detail, together with a first activity plan.

For more details, RIPE can be contacted at the following address:

P.O.B. 41882
NL-1009 DB Amsterdam
the Netherlands

phone: +31 20 5925102
fax: +31 20 5925155
email: [email protected]

RIPE maintains a general electronic distribution list. Requests for inclusion in this list can be sent to:

[email protected]

Finally, we would like to quote from the RIPE terms of reference:

"All parties operating wide area IP networks in Europe are encouraged to participate".

Sincerely Yours,

Rob Blokzijl
RIPE Spokesman Amsterdam, 29 November 1989