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RIPE Policy Proposal Template

If you want to make a detailed policy proposal to the RIPE Policy Development Process, you should use the template on this page.

The template forms a structure for the proposal. It details the reason for the proposal and any perceived consequences of the proposal.

You should submit your proposal to the Chair of the relevant RIPE Working Group or the RIPE Chair.

The RIPE NCC identifies proposals with a number and publishes them on this page.

Policy Submission Template

(assigned by the RIPE NCC)
Policy Proposal Name:
a. name
b. email
c. organisation
Proposal Version:
(assigned by the RIPE NCC)
Submission Date:
Suggested RIPE WG for discussion and publication:
Proposal Type:
a. new, modification or deletion
Policy Term:
a. Temporary (time period)
b. Indefinite
Summary of proposal:  
Policy text: a. Current policy text (if modification)
b. New policy text
a. Arguments supporting the proposal
b. Arguments opposing the proposal
RIPE Policy Proposals
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