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Policy Proposals

IPv4 Maximum Allocation Period

2006-06: IPv4 Maximum Allocation Period. This proposal is to have the RIPE NCC allocate address space to Local Internet Registries (LIRs) based on their one-year needs. In other words, it suggests setting a maximum allocation period of 12 months.

Contact E-Mail Address Requirements

2006-04: Contact E-Mail Address Requirements. This proposal suggested that working and up-to-date contact e-mail addresses should be maintained at all times for address space that is registered in the RIPE Database.

Registration Requirements for IPv6 End User Assignments

2010-06: Registration Requirements for IPv6 End User Assignments. This proposal has two purposes: to create a new policy that defines the use of new attributes in the RIPE Database and to change the policy text of ripe-481 to require the use of these new database attributes

Allocations from the last /8

2010-02: This proposal describes how the RIPE NCC should distribute IPv4 address space from the final /8 address block it receives from the IANA. The proposal only discusses PA allocations; any other type of allocation or assignment is out of scope for this proposal.

Ambiguity cleanup on IPv6 Address Space Policy for IXP

2010-07: Ambiguity cleanup on IPv6 Address Space Policy for IXP. This proposal aims to clarify an ambiguous definition in ripe-451, "IPv6 Address Space Policy for Internet Exchange Points", regarding the requirements to join an IXP. The ambiguity lies in the use of the phrase "open policy for others to join" in the definition of the IXP framework. Any restriction to IPv6 deployment that arises from policies on joining IXPs could be counterproductive.

Temporary Internet Number Assignment Policies

2010-01: This proposal expands the RIPE NCC's ability to assign number resources for temporary purposes and allows the RIPE NCC to reserve pools of IP addresses and Autonomous System (AS) Numbers, which can be used by the RIPE NCC to make temporary direct assignments to End Users.

PI Assignment Size

2006-05: PI Assignment Size. This proposal allows for End Users who request a Provider Independent IPv4 address assignment to be assigned limited additional address space to make the assignment size a multiple of /24. The End User must demonstrate the intent to multihome the assignment.

Abuse contact information

2010-08: Abuse contact information. This is a proposal to introduce a mandatory reference to irt objects in the inetnum, inet6num and aut-num objects in the RIPE Database. It provides a more accurate and efficient way for abuse reports to reach the correct network contact and helps reporting institutions to find the correct abuse contact information more easily.

4-Byte AS Number Policy

2005-12: 4-Byte AS Number Policy. This policy proposal details a set of actions and associated dates for RIR AS Number allocation policies to assist in an orderly transition to use of the 4-byte AS Number space.

IP Assignments for Anycasting DNS

2005-02: IP Assignments for Anycasting DNS. To enable country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) and global Top Level Domain (gTLD) name server operators to provide their DNS service using shared unicast technology, RIPE NCC may assign one IPv4 and/or one IPv6 prefix to each TLD operator.