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Policy Proposals

Abuse contact information

2010-08: Abuse contact information. This is a proposal to introduce a mandatory reference to irt objects in the inetnum, inet6num and aut-num objects in the RIPE Database. It provides a more accurate and efficient way for abuse reports to reach the correct network contact and helps reporting institutions to find the correct abuse contact information more easily.

4-Byte AS Number Policy

2005-12: 4-Byte AS Number Policy. This policy proposal details a set of actions and associated dates for RIR AS Number allocation policies to assist in an orderly transition to use of the 4-byte AS Number space.

IP Assignments for Anycasting DNS

2005-02: IP Assignments for Anycasting DNS. To enable country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) and global Top Level Domain (gTLD) name server operators to provide their DNS service using shared unicast technology, RIPE NCC may assign one IPv4 and/or one IPv6 prefix to each TLD operator.


2006-03: LIR-PARTITIONED Status for IPv6. This proposal is to have a new status for IPv6 address space as "LIR-PARTITIONED".

IPv6 Initial Allocation

2005-03: IPv6 Initial Allocation. The proposal is to change the IPv6 Initial Allocation criteria outlined in the "IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy". The proposed change is to remove "have a plan for making at least 200 /48 assignments to other organisations within two years" and to remove the reference to "/48s" as the assignment size.

Multicast Monitoring on RIPE NCC Test Traffic Boxes

2005-11: Multicast Monitoring on RIPE NCC Test Traffic Boxes. This proposal is to add functionality to the Test Traffic Measurement (TTM) service that allows for testing of multicast-capable networks.

Consumer Broadband Monitoring Feasibility

2005-10: Consumer Broadband Monitoring Feasibility. This is a proposal to have the RIPE NCC, as a neutral body, develop a way of measuring performance for consumer broadband networks. The proposal requests funding for a limited deployment prototype with the purpose of assessing industry and consumer acceptance, functional requirements and technical issues.

HD-ratio Proposal

2005-01: HD-ratio Proposal. The proposal is to change the further allocation criteria for IPv4 as described in ripe-324: "IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policies for the RIPE NCC Service Region".

IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy - definition for "End-Site"

2005-04: IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy - definition for "End-Site". There are various terms for "end-site" in the IPv6 allocation and assignment policy and the RFC3177. We need to have a finally definition for "end-site" to establish clear internal assignment policies.

Introducing DNSSEC Service to Reverse DNS Trees

2005-07: Introducing DNSSEC Service to Reverse DNS Trees. To implement DNSSEC, we propose extending the policy for Reverse Address Delegation of IPv4 and IPv6 Address Space in the RIPE NCC Service Region.

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