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This policy proposal has been withdrawn

IPv4 Countdown Policy

Summary of Proposal:

This policy proposal proposes four general principles, which will be needed to accomplish the smooth termination of IPv4 address allocation.

The four general principles are described below:

  1. Global Synchronisation:
    All five RIRs will proceed at the same time for measures on IPv4 address exhaustion.
  2. To set and announce the date when the allocation is terminated:
    To set the date when RIRs cease the allocation in accordance with a precise estimation and to announce the date far before the termination date
  3. Not to change the current address policy stricter for the extension of IPv4 address lifetime:
    Keeping the current allocation criteria as it is until the last date to ensure the steady provision of IPv4 address space
  4. Separate discussions on "Recycle" issue:
    Recovery of unused address space should be discussed separately


Arguments Supporting the Proposal

See above

Arguments Opposing the Proposal

None identified

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