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Archived Policy Proposals

The policy proposals on this page have been archived. You can see at a glance if they were accepted and adopted by the RIPE community or withdrawn at any stage.

Name Status Proposal Number Working Group Date Archived
Clarification of Definition for "ASSIGNED PA"
2019-01 Address Policy Working Group May 2019

Summary: This proposal made it clear in the IPv4 Policy that the status "ASSIGNED PA" can also be used for assignments to an LIR's infrastructure.

Assignment Clarification in IPv6 Policy
2018-02 Address Policy Working Group March 2019

Summary: This proposal aimed to clarify the definition of "Assign" in ripe-707 (section 2.6).

Reason for Withdrawal: The proposer decided it was best to find agreement on a problem statement before developing new policy text.

Publication of Legal Address of Internet Number Resource Holders
2018-05 RIPE NCC Services Working Group January 2019

Summary: This proposal aimed for the RIPE NCC to publish the validated legal address information of all holders of Internet number resources.

Reason for Withdrawal: The proposer decided it was not possible to find an acceptable agreement which satisfied all parties. There is still heavy resistance in the community that cannot be resolved at this stage.

PDP Clarification
2018-04 September 2018

Summary: This proposal clarified the options available to the Working Group chairs at the end of the Review Phase of the RIPE Policy Development Process (PDP).

Fixing Outdated Information in the IPv4 Policy
2018-03 Address Policy Working Group August 2018

Summary: This proposal fixed outdated information in the RIPE Policy "IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policies for the RIPE NCC Service Region".

Organisation-LIR Clarification in IPv6 Policy
2018-01 Address Policy Working Group July 2018

Summary: This proposal aimed to clarify the wording used in RIPE-699 regarding terms such as “organisation” and “LIR”.

Regular abuse-c Validation
2017-02 Anti-Abuse Working Group June 2018

Summary: This proposal gives the RIPE NCC a mandate to regularly validate "abuse-mailbox:" information and to follow up in cases where the attribute is deemed to be incorrect.

IPv6 Sub-assignment Clarification
2016-04 Address Policy Working Group March 2018

Summary: The goal of this proposal was to re-define the term "sub-assignment" for IPv6.

Reducing Initial IPv4 Allocation, Aiming to Preserve a Minimum of IPv4 Space for Newcomers
2017-03 Address Policy Working Group October 2017

Summary: This proposal aimed to reduce the IPv4 allocations made by the RIPE NCC to a /24 (currently a /22) and only to LIRs that have not received an IPv4 allocation directly from the RIPE NCC before.

Reason for Withdrawal: The proposers felt unable to create a second draft that addressed conflicting objections.

Publish statistics on Intra-RIR Legacy updates
2017-01 Address Policy Working Group September 2017

This proposal aimed to to add the requirement that the RIPE NCC publish all changes to the holdership of legacy resources in the existing transfer statistics.

Reason for Withdrawal: The proposer didn't see enough community support, especially from Legacy Resource Holders as the parties that would be most affected.