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Archived Policy Proposals

The policy proposals on this page have been archived. You can see at a glance if they were accepted and adopted by the RIPE community or withdrawn at any stage.

Name Status Proposal Number Working Group Date Archived
Reducing IXP IPv4 assignment default size to a /26
2023-01 Address Policy Working Group September 2023

Summary: This policy modifies the default size of IPv4 assignments for IXPs from a /24 to /26 and clarifies the return of the assignments previously issued for their IXP peering LAN.

Minimum Size for IPv4 Temporary Assignments
2023-02 Address Policy Working Group July 2023

Summary: This proposal set the minimum assignment size to a /24 and allowed routing requirements to justify the request for more than a /24 for research purposes.

Remove mandatory IPv4 PA assignment registration in the RIPE Database
2022-02 Address Policy Working Group November 2022

Summary: The goal of this proposal was to change the registration of  IPv4 assignments from mandatory to optional.

Reason for withdrawal: The proposer decided to withdraw this proposal, feeling that a new proposal would be more suitable for including the suggestions and feedback provided by the community during the discussion phase.

Personal Data in the RIPE Database
2022-01 Database Working Group November 2022

Summary: The goal of this proposal was to allow the publication of verified Personal Data in the RIPE Database only when justified by its purpose.

Reason for withdrawal: The proposer felt that the scope of this proposal was too wide and decided to withdraw the proposal. Raised concerns like the potential consequences of the consent based publication of personal data and the efficacy of their verification might be addressed in future discrete proposals.

Validation of "abuse-mailbox"
2019-04 Anti-Abuse Working Group September 2020

Summary: The proposal aimed to have the RIPE NCC validate "abuse-c:” information more often and introduce a new validation process.

Reason for withdrawal: The proposal did not reach consensus and the WG chairs did not feel that any further redrafting of the proposal would achieve consensus.

Appeal: The proposer appealed against the decision of the WG Chairs on October 5, 2020

Outcome of the Appeal: October 26, 2020 - The WG Chairs Collective (WGCC) decided to uphold the decision of the Co-Chairs of the Anti-Abuse Working Group.

SLURM file for Unallocated and Unassigned RIPE NCC Address Space
2019-08 Routing Working Group July 2020

Summary: The proposal aimed for the RIPE NCC to publish a SLURM file (Simplified Local Internet Number Resource Management with the RPKI), containing assertions with the origin “AS0” for all unallocated and unassigned address space under our control.

Reason for withdrawal: The WG Chair felt that raised concerns remained unaddressed and that there was a strong opposition against the proposal in the community.

Multiple Editorial Changes in IPv6 Policy
2019-06 Address Policy Working Group March 2020

Summary: This proposal aimed to remove obsoleted text and simplify the IPv6 policy.

Default assignment size for IXPs
2019-07 Address Policy Working Group January 2020

Summary: This proposal aimed to change the default IXP assignment size from a /24 to a needs-based model, with a /27 as a minimum.

Reason for Withdrawal: The proposer felt that there was no clear direction on how to proceed with the proposal.

RIPE NCC IRR Database Non-Authoritative Route Object Clean-up
2018-06 Routing Working Group November 2019

Summary: This proposal created a process to delete a non-authoritative object stored in the RIPE IRR, if it conflicts with an RPKI ROA.

Revised IPv4 assignment policy for IXPs
2019-05 Address Policy Working Group October 2019

Summary: This proposal aimed to increase the reserved IPv4 pool for IXPs to a /15 and finetune assignment criteria.