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RIPE IoT Roundtable Meeting 21 September 2017

Following the two successful Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions during RIPE 73 and RIPE 74, the RIPE NCC is coordinating a one day roundtable meeting focused on the Internet of Things (IoT).

The goal of the meeting is to facilitate further discussion between the RIPE community and other stakeholders about the potential impact of the IoT on the RIPE community’s business interests as well as the services offered by the RIPE NCC.

We aim to bring together a diverse group of interested parties to discuss how RIPE and the RIPE NCC can make a positive contribution to the secure and sustainable development of the IoT and related industry developments.

Who is this meeting for?

Whether you are a long serving member of the RIPE community with decades of experience in network operations and designs, working for an IoT start-up, or are a policy maker interested in the topic, this meeting is for you. The goal of RIPE is to bring people together, to exchange experiences and discuss emerging issues and to learn from each other.

During the BoF sessions at RIPE 73 and RIPE 74 several issues and possible solutions were brought forward. What we like to learn from such meetings is whether (and how) these ideas can be developed into contributions that deliver concrete benefits, not only to the established Internet ecosystem, but also to the emerging IoT industry and traditional sectors that are now moving into our digital world.

Participation in this meeting is free of charge.

Registration for this RIPE IoT Roundtable meeting is now open

Agenda and call for contributions

A draft agenda for this meeting is available.

We would like to encourage participants to take part in lightning talks where they’ll have the opportunity to share their experiences, their ideas, and any issues they’ve encountered. We welcome samples of projects that you have been working on, or draft proposals on how to mitigate some of the identified problems (e.g. in device hardening, software updates) so as to protect the Internet infrastructure.

If you wish to contribute to this, please contact the External Relations team with an abstract of your proposal.


Venue and other information

AQL has generously offered to host this meeting at their headquarters in the Salem Chapel in Leeds, UK.

The full address of the venue is:

Salem Chapel, 13-15 Hunslet Road, Leeds, LS10 1JQ


Getting there

Leeds Bradford Airport is only a short drive away from the venue and offers a number of flights to domestic and international destinations, including hubs such as Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Copenhagen and Paris.

Alternatively, there are regular train services to Leeds directly from Manchester Airport and a number of other cities in the United Kingdom.


Hotel information

The city centre of Leeds offers a number of hotels at walking distance from the meeting venue. For more information please consult the Visit Leeds website.