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[ripe-list] RIPE 81 will be a Virtual Meeting, 27-30 October 2020.

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Hans Petter Holen

2020-06-08 14:33:50 CET

Dear colleagues,

Following the success of RIPE 80, and with the ongoing risks posed by large
gatherings still very much in mind, I have decided together with the RIPE
NCC Meeting staff and the RIPE NCC MD, that RIPE 81 will take place as a
virtual meeting. We have the support from the RIPE Programme Committee and
the RIPE Working Group Chairs in making this decision.

This means we are no longer bound by the availability of the venue when
setting the date of the event, so after careful consideration, we have
decided to change the date of the event. RIPE 81 will now take place from
27-30 October 2020.

This change will not only help to ensure that the timing of RIPE 81 is
better aligned with other industry events, but it also gives the RIPE
Programme Committee, RIPE Working Group Chairs and RIPE NCC staff an extra
month to prepare for the meeting, and so to explore options on how to
improve the overall virtual experience for all our attendees.

We are making this decision now rather than later in the hopes that this
will give everyone plenty of time to make plans and come take part in RIPE

Best regards,
Hans Petter Holen
ad-interim RIPE Chair