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[ripe-chair-discuss] Polishing of RIPE Chair Selection Process

Daniel Karrenberg

2022-10-17 09:27:15 CET


The RIPE NomCom 2020 recommended to make the following improvements to 
the RIPE Chair selection process [ripe-762]:

   Consider changing ripe-728 to codify the use of a reserve list of
volunteers in case voting members resign from the committee.

   Consider clarifying the example time-lines in ripe-727 and ripe-728
in the light of experience

On request of the RIPE Chair I have drafted the attached revisions to 
these documents implementing these recommendations.


Using a reserve list is not without alternatives. The IETF has had much 
relevant discussion about 'gaming' the volunteer selection process 
recently; see . My 
experience as NomCom chair strongly suggests to avoid complicating the 
procedures beyond the endurance of the volunteers involved. A simple 
reserve list is sufficient for our purposes.

A wording change in ripe-728 tightens the time for getting the NomCom 
organised from 60 days prior to the consultation RIPE meeting to 90 days 
prior. This is necessary to enable the full NomCom rather than just the 
NomCom chair to issue the call for nominations.

The time line appendix should be removed entirely from ripe-728 and the 
one in ripe-727 should be replaced with the attached one.

Let's avoid cluttering the ripe-list and discuss this over on our 
venerable ripe-chair-discuss list please.