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[atlas] How can I reduce data usage on remote satellite-connected islands?

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Chris Gare

2020-09-09 11:57:07 CET

Hello all, I've just become an ambassador for the RIPE Atlas programme.


I have a question.


I wish to deploy a number of probes to remote low-capacity satellite
connected islands.


These islands have strict and VERY expensive monthly usage quotas.


Looking at some probes already installed, I see that the minimum bandwidth
(is that the term used?) is approximately 3.3kbit/s


This equates to around 1GB of data per month which represent a significant
percentage of a consumer's monthly quota.


I'll have a hard job convincing volunteers to act as hosts if they consume
that much.


Is there a way I can set 'bandwidth' to less than 10kbs or is there a
workaround I can use to reduce this under my control?


It has been suggested that I could out a timer on the host but that is


Any help would be appreciated as I know that reachability is quite
unreliable at times and the data I could provide would be most interesting.