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[ncc-services-wg] RIPE NCC Planning Q1 2022

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Fergal Cunningham

2022-01-11 12:50:14 CET

RIPE NCC staff member

Dear colleagues,

We have now published our Q1 2022 plans for our development teams. These 
are available at:

Our quarterly planning includes the work we will be carrying out in the 
next few months in RPKI, the RIPE Database and our Business 
Applications, including the LIR Portal, registry services and other 

We also include for the first time the plans from our Learning and 
Development Team for our e-learning courses, webinars and Certified 
Professionals exams.

If you have any input on our plans or want to let us know what you would 
like to see the RIPE NCC work on, please let us know. We will add your 
feedback to the pages and our teams will consider it for future plans.

Kind regards,

Fergal Cunningham
Head of Membership Engagement