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[ncc-services-wg] RFQ: Selectively blocking senders from distribution on mail list server side

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Martin Millnert

2020-07-20 17:45:55 CET

Dear NCC Services WG,

BrainMill has recently been forced to adopt a policy of blocking certain
list members of RIPE mailing lists due to the content having negative
information value.

BrainMill wishes to petition a feature addition to the RIPE NCC mailing
list servers:

  As a list subscriber I would like to be able to manage a FROM based
  permit/reject filter effectuated on the mailing list server side
  controlling distribution to my own subscription.

The benefit of blocking specific sender's from further distribution to
list subscribers includes less wasted energy in processing blocked
senders. Perhaps Sieve would be an appropriate filter technology.

Best regards,
Martin Millnert
BrainMill AB