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[iot-wg] RIOT Summit 2021: Call for Participation

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Matthias Wählisch

2021-08-30 22:28:09 CET

**What:** 6th RIOT Summit, the yearly get-together of the friendly 
Operating System for the Internet of Things,

**Where:** virtually (online) 

**When:** September 9-10, 2021

**Registration:** Participation is free but registration is required via

  Henning Schulzrinne (Columbia University) will talk about "How do we 
program the Internet of Things at scale?"

**Talks:** include topics about 

  Network Security

    * Frank Hessel (TU Darmstadt), "ChirpOTLE: Using RIOT to Evaluate 
the Security of LoRaWAN"

    * Christian Amsüss, "Pieces to Picture: Security components of the 
CoRE ecosystem"

    * Jan Romann (University of Bremen), "Secure Network Access for IoT 
Devices: MUD & Co"

  System Security

    * Jürgen Fitschen (SSV Software Systems GmbH), "Secure Update of IoT 
Devices over Low Data Rate Wireless Networks"

    * Lena Boeckmann (HAW Hamburg), "Integration of a cryptographic API 
with configurable hardware and software backends in RIOT"

    * Joost Renes (NXP), "Post-Quantum Crypto: The Embedded Challenge"

  Debugging, Applications, and Networking

    * Richard Copeman (Lauterbach GmbH), "Efficient Debugging with RIOT 
Awareness in TRACE32"

    * Tobias Buchberger and Ines Kramer (Competence Centre for 
IT-Security, FH Campus Wien), "CoMatrix - How to overcome kernel panic, 
deal with buffer limitations and LOL at random"

    * Benjamin Valentin (ML!PA Consulting GmbH), "Wired sensor networks 
and IPv6 subnet auto-configuration"

  Training and Rapid Prototyping with RIOT

    * Ioannis Chatzigiannakis (Sapienza University of Rome), "Teaching 
IoT with RIOT"

    * Michael Richardson and Yoichi J. Nakaguro, "Building and 
Integrating Rust libraries for RIOT-OS,with Micropython support"

Full program:


Matthias Waehlisch
.  Freie Universitaet Berlin, Computer Science