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[iot-wg] [Info] RIPE 80 IoT WG Virtual meeting tomorrow

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2020-05-13 17:28:16 CET

Dear Colleagues,

The IoT remote session will take place tomorrow, 14 May, 14:00-14:30. 
The agenda :

More information on how to participate 

During the session

- Questions: Always write NAME and AFFILIATION and keep the question short.
-- Zoom: Questions for the presenters should be made only in the Q&A window

-- If you don't like Zoom you can use the IRC channel on the live 
streaming page on RIPE 80 :

-- Zoom chat window is only for discussion
-- In Zoom Chat: always select ‘PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES’ otherwise only 
panelists will see the message

- The sessions are recorded and will be published on the RIPE 80 website 

- If you need Live transcription,

Jim and Sandoche.