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[dns-wg] Call for volunteers or nominations for RIPE DNS Working Group co-chair

Dave Knight

2020-09-25 18:19:25 CET

Dear Colleagues,

This is a call for nominations or volunteers to co-chair the RIPE DNS working group.

Please DO NOT reply to this message if you wish to propose a volunteer.

Call for RIPE DNS Working Group Chair
In accordance with the chair selection process we announce that the term of one of our co-chairs (Joao Damas) will soon expire and we would like to invite volunteers, or nominations for someone to become a co-chair of the DNS working group.

Anyone may volunteer, and anyone may be nominated by someone else. Note that having so far served only one term, in accordance with the selection process Joao may volunteer to serve a second.

To do this, please send a mail to <dns-wg-chairs _at_ ripe _dot_ net> before Monday 12th October 2020.

It would be helpful for candidates to give some words as to why they think they ought to be a co-chair, what new ideas, or improvements they might bring, and so on.

We will publish the list of volunteers, along with anything the volunteers to include with their nomination, to this mailing list on Tuesday 13th October 2020. Discussion and support (or opposition) for each candidate can then be offered on the list.

At the DNS working group session at RIPE 81, Dave and Shane hope to announce consensus based on the mailing list discussion.


Fri 25 Sep	This call for volunteers posted to the dns-wg mail list
Mon 12 Oct	Deadline for volunteers
Tue 13 Oct	List of volunteers and call for support posted to the mail list
Tue 27 Oct	Deadline for showing support for volunteers on the mail list
Wed 28 Sep	DNS WG session at RIPE 81


The RIPE working group chair job description is included in ripe-692:

The DNS working group chair selection process is documented here:

We have 3 co-chairs so the term is 3 years.

The current approach was announced on this mailing list on 2018-07-17:

As always, please feel free to reach out to any of the chairs directly, to us as a group at dns-wg-chairs _at_ ripe _dot_ net, or discuss this or any other any relevant topic on this mailing list.

Kind regards,
dave, for the dns-wg chairs