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[cooperation-wg] @EXT: Do criminals dream of electric sheep? How technology shapes the future of crime and law enforcement

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Sara Marcolla

2019-07-22 13:28:29 CET

New report triggers discussion about innovation and strategic foresight in EU policing

The advent of so-called disruptive technologies - those that fundamentally alter the way we live, work and relate to one another - provides criminals with new ways to pursue their illegal goals, but also equips law enforcement with powerful tools in the fight against crime.

Some of the emerging technologies include Artificial Intelligence (AI), quantum computing, 5G, alternative decentralised networks and cryptocurrencies, 3D printing and biotech. These are set to have a profound impact on the criminal landscape and the ability of law enforcement authorities to respond to emerging threats. The disruption comes from the convergence between these new technologies, the previously unseen use cases and applications, and the challenges posed by existing legal and regulatory frameworks.

The report aims to identify the security threats associated with this and points to ways for law enforcement to use the opportunities brought by these technologies to combat crime and terrorism. It also highlights the pivotal role of the private sector and the importance of law enforcement to engage more with these actors. Furthermore, it is of paramount importance that the voice of law enforcement is heard when legislative and regulatory frameworks are being discussed and developed, in order to have an opportunity to address their concerns and needs, particularly with regard to the accessibility of date and lawful interception.

The report, as well as the full press release are available here:

Kind regards,

Sara Marcolla

Europol - O3 European Cyber Crime Centre (EC3)

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