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[connect-wg] My response to Ronald Guilmette

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Elad Cohen

2020-04-17 23:47:14 CET

Hello Everyone,

Please forgive me for not writing an official response in first set of Ronald's online madness months ago, I was out of hospital after full anesthesia and it took me months to get back to myself.

Ronald is misery person with nothing and with no one in his life, the only joy that he have in his life - is for him to serve as the front person of the illegal anonymous organization "The Spamhaus Project".

Here is a presentation that "The Spamhaus Project" wrote on themselves (in the following link) and according to it Spamhaus is an illegal anonymous organization - they receive a massive amount of illegally obtained privacy data of internet users from internet companies and internet organizations on a regular basis - and then they share it in illegal way (without any warranty) with law enforcement agencies.

Ronald doesn't deny himself being part of "The Spamhaus Project", not only that - but his old friend Hank Nussbacher is also part of the illegal anonymous organization "The Spamhaus Project", Hank reminds me Judas Iscariot - Hank obviously have other interests - it is very sad to see a person at the age of Hank acting like a little child.

All the few reports that were made were made by reporters which are connected to "The Spamhaus Project" and that are part of "The Spamhaus Project" - not only that, the source of the media reports is a person in "The Spamhaus Project" which is the owner of that illegal twitter account: , that person is a criminal according to his own words in his own twitter account - and that person is also a master of cyber influence operations (just like what Coconut Guilmette and Cheerleader Nussbacher are doing here, to influence public opinion without any single proof) - and the owner of that twitter account is also an employee of the israeli-based company GeoEdge which financially benefit from that media report because they are a direct competitor of the company using the exact same netblock, so now I'm explaining to you that that root of this all fake story is just business competition, and in addition Coconut Guilmette also attacked the Israeli-based company Divinetworks in Nanog (Coconut Guilmette searched an unreasonable way why they received a specific grant from a global world organization and also defamed them) - so here is why he did it - the Israeli-based company Divinetworks is also a direct competitor of the Israeli-based company GeoEdge - that their employee is a criminal and the owner of the illegal twitter account and also the "source" for the fake few media reports.

In the following link you can see how a high manager in GeoEdge is highly proud in how customers attracted to him after the "low value" of competitors, if only the world would knew how that company does business.

That company GeoEdge is not only a criminal company in the way that they do business (because their criminal employee in "The Spamhaus Project" is the one pumped Coconut Guilmette proof-less ideas), but that company is also a criminal in the way that they are tax-evading since 2005 (they are registered in Cyprus with fake-single-owner abroad while they have more actual hidden owners in Israel that didn't pay any tax for their income since 2005, and one of the registered owners is using an international fake name and he is a professional money-laundering person, not only for that Israeli company).

They (Coconut Guilmette, Cheerleader Nussbacher and their mob friends at "The Spamhaus Project") are very very afraid of me releasing all the information that I found out on the illegal anonymous organization "The Spamhaus Project" - and that is the only reason that they are attacking me personally in such way, they are trying to ruin my good name - but they didn't succeed and they will not succeed - because anyone that knows me and anyone that will personally know me - will know what they are trying to do and that what they are writing is 100% false.

All the personal attack against me - is only because I dared to stood up against "The Spamhaus Project" which is intimidating and hurting many businesses online, and I would and will do it again and again and again, I'm not the kind of a misery bendover jew like Hank that will sell his values and his being for a title, a group acceptance or a few cents.

Coconut Guilmette, is not only a sick person, in body and mind, but also a racist and an antisemitic, you can see in the following links his stereotypical mindset: (Coconut Guilmette opinion on all Dutch people as a whole - "Dutch are any more inclined toward cybercrime") (Coconut Guilmette opinion on all Colombian Network Operators usage of the internet as a whole - "Undoubtedly drug smuggling over HTTP") (Coconut Guilmette opinion on the City of Chicago including all of its citizens as a whole - "American city most known for its high ideals and consistantly ethical behavior, Chicago") (Coconut Guilmette identified as racist in Nanog) (Coconut Guilmette identified as antisemitic in Nanog)
Besides the above links, Coconut Guilmette is specifically calling me with two words and here he is quoting Shakespeare: , the two words that Coconut Guilmette is calling me are being used in Shakespeare litrature to identify jews in an antisemitic way, Coconut Guilmette is an antisemitic, I'm very sorry to write it but Ripe is not a decisive organization towards racism or antisemitism, the Tone in Ripe management and in Ripe board and in this working group co-chairs, is a very narrow tone that only reflect the good of the people in their positions, Ripe board & management are not taking any actions for Ripe to be a multi-culture multi-national unpolitical organization that it needs to be with the tolerance to anyone and with the decisive intolerance to racism or antisemitism.

The encouragement of Cheerleader Nussbacher is even worst because Cheerleader Nussbacher is encouraging someone which is a racist and an antisemitic. Hank, how more self-hating jew can you be ? to support such person only to be part of an illegal anonymous organization ? to support racism ? to support antisemitism ?
And to the rest of the community, anyone that wrote to this person - "nice story, but you could say it in other words" - you are a lowlife as Hank is, you don't treat a racist or an antisemitic person with tolerance, period. Ripe is a RIR which is spread over 3 continents over many countries, Ripe members are different from each other by all means, I would expect Ripe community not to tolerate racism in any way and when Ripe members see it - to stand up - like I dared to stand up against "The Spamhaus Project". Ron, seeing a person at your age that knows to get attention only by using racism and antisemitism is sad, but seeing the lowlife Judas Iscariot cheerleading your mental illness is sadder.

Here are only some of the real identities of the people behind "The Spamhaus Project":

"Rob Shultz" - Rob McEwen (
"Thomas Morrison" - Daniel R. Thomas (
"Pete Dawes" - Ildiko Pete (
"Vincent Hanna" -  Vincent Schonau of Open-Xchange (
"Milly Fawcett" - Kelly Molloy of FarSight Security (
Among others

Commericial companies behind "The Spamhaus Project":
FarSight Security
Among others

Keep on playing with me Coconut Guilmette and Cheerleader Nussbacher and I guarantee to you that the full list will be written here, you can hurt me as much as you please - I am not boneless and will not fold like Hank "Judas Iscariot" Nussbacher.

The only reason that Coconut Guilmette returned to life in this thread - is because I wrote two days ago the real identity of "Rob Shultz" (which is Rob McEwen of ) to the co-chairs of this working group with CC to Ripe Board and to Ripe Management, I asked for the initial post of lies of Coconut Guilmette to be removed and I showed to them the relation of one of the current co-chairs of that working group to the illegal anonymous organization "The Spamhaus Project" which the poster Coconut Guilmette is related to it too. (also in the past there was a co-chair of that working group which is part of "The Spamhaus Project", Richard D G Cox, as you can see in his presentation that I linked to it above)

That is the only reason (that I revealed that "Rob Shultz" from "The Spamhaus Project" is Rob McEwen) that Coconut Guilmette and Boneless Nussbacher are personally attacking me, not only that - but soon you will also see a new fake media report about me from the same reporter that used the criminal as his source - all of it (like it was then and like they are trying to do now) - is to maneuver the subject of who are the real people behind "The Spamhaus Project" and to which internet companies and internet organizations they are connected to.

"The Spamhaus Project" is an illegal anonymous organization and an unregulated organization, by being unregulated it is abused by the some of the members of it for making money, without any supervision, for example the criminal which is the owner of the illegal twitter account that did what it did only that GeoEdge will earn a few more cents, such as Laura Atkins from WordToTheWise which is selling a Spamhaus listing removal service (, such as Vincent Schonau (AKA "Vincent Hanna" of "The Spamhaus Project") from Open-Xchange, a company that Spamhaus are attacking its competitors, and there are many more Spamhaus members that are using Spamhaus for their financial benefits. "The Spamhaus Project" - by being unregulated and unsupervised - is also being used as tool to attack business competitors, this is something that should wake up each and every member of the internet community.

Hank, why do you let Coconut Guilmette to do the hard work for you (of defaming me) ? because you know that he have nothing in his life and a lawsuit against him will not result any financial aid ? why are you abusing his mental illness ? you know that he is not fine, why don't you help him like a good old friend ? Go ahead and write what Ron is writing so I will be able to sue you locally in Israel (I'm willing to pay you 100,000 NIS if you are right in a single thing that you wrote or that you will write against me, are you willing to do the same ? are you willing to put your money where your words are? or are you boneless that can only exploit the state of your old friend? )

I respect Ripe NCC and Respect all the members of Ripe Anti-Abuse Working Group.

(P.S.: you can recognize now any member of "The Spamhaus Project" that will jump now, if he will attack me or support Ron, you can just ask him a simple question - "show us a single proof" - and you will see that no proof will be displayed, because all of it is part of an illegal "cyber influence operation" by "The Spamhaus Project" pumped by the criminal