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[connect-wg] Announcing NLNOG Day and my newest RIPE Labs article on RIPE Community Resilience

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Vesna Manojlovic

2021-08-31 17:58:39 CET

RIPE NCC staff member

Dear colleagues,

on Thursday 2 September, NLNOG is organising a hybrid event:
in-person, for the first time since pandemic restrictions in early 2020,
and online / with remote participation:

Great line-up of speakers might interest the techies on this list -- and
I will be giving a talk too: "Technical Communities Resilience During
COVID-19 Pandemic".

The presentation is based on my series of 10 articles, the most recent
one published today:

"Every Society Has the Internet they Deserve" :

Please join us at NLNOG Day,
and do give me comments on the article(s) on RIPE Labs or on the list!

Kind regards,
Vesna Manojlovic

Community Builder, RIPE NCC