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[connect-wg] Follow up on today's Connect-WG at Ripe80

Will van Gulik

2020-05-13 17:14:55 CET

Hi Everyone,

Following up on our Connect session, here are the links that we mentionned 
during the session :

Related to presentation #2 (Will van Gulik) :
- Original court document in German :
- Automated tool translation in French :

Related to presentation #5 (Remco Van Mook) :
Anita Nikolich suggest the following link :
-- Vint Cerf had a nice opinion piece this week that was very objective: 

Related to presentation #6 (Massimo Candela) :
Vesna Manojlovic pointed us to some studies posted on the Ripe Labs :

Related to presentation #8 (Nurani Nimpuno) :
Surveys related to the peering toolbox :
-- For Networs -
-- For IXPs -

And if you didn't do so yet, please rate the talk !

Be safe everyone,

Will van Gulik
Connect-WG co-chair