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RIPE NCC Roundtable Meeting, Beirut, March 2011

This RIPE Government Roundtable Meeting takes place on Thursday, 3 March 2011 at the Mövenpick Hotel & Resort in Beirut, Lebanon.

What happens at these meetings?

These meetings keep governments and regulators informed on current issues surrounding the the governance and operation of the Internet, including:

  • Regional cooperation: Learn how greater cooperation between national industries can benefit Internet users and businesses, and what government can do to encourage this.
  • IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 adoption: Find out what the impending exhaustion of IPv4 addresses will mean for the Internet industry in the region, and what government can do to encourage their local industry to adopt IPv6.
  • Security on the Internet: Learn about new developments and technologies such as Internet resource certification.
  • Internet governance: Learn more about global Internet governance activities, the key players and organisations, and how your government can join in the discussion.

Who comes along?

Attendance at Roundtable meetings is limited to representatives of government and regulators in the RIPE NCC service region.

Who can tell me more?

If you have any questions about these meetings, please mail us at [email protected].