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Become a Member of the Programme Committee

The Call for CAPIF Programme Committee is now closed.

CAPIF 3 will take place in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on 24-25 September 2024. The PC aims to gather a talented team of industry experts with diverse experiences from both local and international regions. We invite community members from the region to join us to help create the agenda for CAPIF 3.

What is expected from a PC member?

Recruit speakers

  • CAPIF PC members are expected to actively recruit potential speakers for the meeting. Marketing presentations are not allowed.
  • CAPIF PC members may recommend covering the travel expenses of key speakers; however, the final approval will depend on the budget available for the event.  

Disseminate information relevant to the meeting within the local communities

  • CAPIF PC members are usually individuals with a proven track record in their regional Internet communities, so it is expected that they will inform these communities about the meeting and forward Calls for Proposals (CFPs) and share other relevant information with their circles.

Rate the submitted proposals

  • CAPIF PC members are notified by the submission tool once a talk is submitted or edited. The CAPIF PC members are expected to rate all talks before the next scheduled PC conference call.
  • CAPIF PC members should be descriptive and document their thoughts and ideas in the comment box in the Rating system. The submissions with the highest ratings and best reviews are accepted first.
  • The CAPIF PC Chair will work with the secretariat to ensure that all CAPIF PC members have access to the submission tool.

Attend PC calls and actively participate in discussions

  • The purpose of the PC call is to select the best content for the meeting as well as exchange comments, ideas and observations. All CAPIF PC members are expected to speak freely and openly, while keeping the discussion civilised and constructive in keeping with the RIPE Code of Conduct.
  • All CAPIF PC members are expected to actively participate in discussions on the meeting itself and in the submissions selection process.
  • Failure to participate might result in the CAPIF PC member being asked by the PC chair to step down from the PC and could affect future applications to join the PC.

Liaise with speakers to guarantee that submitted content matches the community expectations.

  • Sometimes speakers require a little assistance to improve on their draft submission. CAPIF PC members with expertise on the draft submission or who know the person submitting the draft slides are expected to volunteer to assist in exchanging CAPIF PC feedback and recommendations to guarantee that the final version of the content matches the community expectations and meeting standards. (For example, marketing material will not be considered for the programme).

    If you meet the above requirements and are willing to commit your expertise and energy to the work of the CAPIF 3 PC, please send an email and tell us about yourself and your motivation to [email protected], cc to [email protected].

    Please do this no later than Wednesday, 31 January 2024.