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Open House Charging Scheme 2024 Consultation Q&A

Alex Buch(LIR) 2023-03-21T13:09:09.249Z
What types of operations are fall to the M&A fee? How are you planning to charge transfer between 2 LIR accounts of the same company?

S(Sergey Myasoedov, NetArt Group) 2023-03-21T13:18:38.262Z
I'm strongly discourage from keeping VOTING members with 200 membership fee. Taking over control of the NCC board from a hostile entity would cost then no more than 500k.

Daniel(PrivateSystems) 2023-03-21T13:22:11.665Z
What total budget projections have been made comparing the existing membership fee's with the new proposals?
With only 3,000~ duplicated LIR's why was this presented to the mailing list as something required to adjust budget shortfalls?

S(Sergey Myasoedov, NetArt Group) 2023-03-21T13:23:26.661Z
I don't think multiple charges for multi-LIR are not fair. There is a freedom of entering the contract; why would they pay for it?

Andre@BCIX(de.bcix) 2023-03-21T13:24:17.010Z
What's your projection on the development of LIRs/members?

brenac(LIR and IP broker) 2023-03-21T13:25:00.266Z
As a broker, also operating in APNIC and RIPE, the transfer fees should be lower, probably around 200 euros and only payable by the offering party . The new scheme in ARIN to also charge the receiving party is a nightmare. Transfer charge is not helping to fluidity the market but charging the offering party make sence. Can this amount be taken into a scheme proposal, for offering parties only ?

Wessel Sandkuijl(Prefix Broker BV) 2023-03-21T13:25:33.861Z
Just a comment: Alternative 4A/B Category 9/10 members would be very incentivized to split up their allocations between entities and thus separate memberships to save on membership fees.

Marco Schmidt(Marco Schmidt - RIPE NCC) 2023-03-21T13:26:30.680Z
To provide some clarification for Alex's questions.
M&As are defined as confirmed by official legal documents issued by a national authorities, that there was a change in business structure.
As for the transfer between between two LIR accounts, we currently consider this as consolidation (not policy transfer, neither M&A).
As Simon said, we would have look how take this into account.

Hank(IUCC) 2023-03-21T13:26:33.559Z
In the Charging Scheme Calculator how does one differentiate legacy resources or sponsored resources?

martin(Martin Stanislav) 2023-03-21T13:26:50.732Z
Do I remember right that a RIR should refrain from charging based on numbering resources and instead charge based on the services? Please, correct me in case my memory is failing me.

dk379(Hostmaster.UA) 2023-03-21T13:28:48.208Z
so we are charging for some actions (new members; transferring; sponsoring) but not others (requesting resources);
Either we do by resource or by cost, but now it is a mix.
Why we also introduce IPv6 categories to make classes of IPv6 users? Is that encouraging adoption, reflecting v6 scarcity, or a work load?

Hank(IUCC) 2023-03-21T13:34:42.610Z
Legacy resources are charged 50 Euro per resource which is not reflected in the Excel calculator model #1

Brian Storey(LIR) 2023-03-21T13:38:51.504Z
Do you have a forecast charging model which illustrates how the required funds over time are achieved as LIRs / Members consolidate resources over time? Do we expect any excess or shortfalls of income?
I ask this because making an assessment on any proposal, and in turn a positive vote, is difficult if the income drawn in now is not sufficient for the future and large changes of others (they get categorised down) directly affects me further down the line. As such vote in favour now isn't informed for the future.

Alex Buch(LIR) 2023-03-21T13:43:44.412Z
The other important thing - if the RIPE NCC have issues with processing fees from the sanctioned countries (Syria, Iran, Russia, Ukraine) for just annual payment, how are you planning to manage the intra-year payments for transfers, M&A and so on? It would made almost impossible to proceed such actions for the members from these countries

ServeByte(Josh Jameson - ServeByte) 2023-03-21T13:46:47.034Z
You are clearly concerned about upsetting the large telcos with the big fee increase. A lot of IPv4 resources were unfairly distributed in the early days before any concerns of IP shortages. Why is is a concern of RIPE staff to enforce IP justification? It's automatic justification when they have to pay-per-resource with no limited cap on fees.

sdy (Dmitriy)(Dmirtiy) 2023-03-21T14:26:56.956Z
I would like all the same understanding:
1. Will be alternative scheme will be submitted to GM. Even with 10, not 18 categories.
2. 5000 euro per / 24 is of course in the market, but again the question arises why then all the LIRs do not pay $ 10 per network. I believe that the price should be reduced to a reasonable amount of 500-2000 euros.