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Can I transfer my legacy Internet resources to another organisation within the RIPE NCC service region?

Yes. Legacy Internet resources can be transferred within the RIPE NCC service region. The RIPE NCC can help by updating the registration information in the RIPE Registry to reflect the new holder of the legacy Internet resources, as long as it is clear who the legitimate holder is. Due diligence is performed to make sure the offering party is the legitimate holder.

Before organising a transfer of legacy Internet resources, either the offering or receiving organisation is encouraged to contact the RIPE NCC to seek clarification on the processes and policies that apply.

If a resource holder wants the RIPE NCC to update the RIPE Registry and the object attributes due to a transfer, then both parts will need to sign the following confirmation.

We encourage all stakeholders to read the RIPE Policy, "RIPE NCC Services to Legacy Resource Holders". Both members and non-members can contact the RIPE NCC by emailing [email protected].