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The RIPE Routing Registry

The RIPE Routing Registry is a sub-set of the RIPE Database and holds information about routing on the Internet. The routing information is stored in routing policy information described in Autonomous System (AS) objects. The information in these AS objects show how a particular network is routed on the internet. Announcing routing policies in the routing registry gives network operators an opportunity to configure their routers and filters accordingly.

The RIPE Routing Registry is a part of the Internet Routing Registry backgrounds, a collection of databases that mirror each other.

BGP Operations and Security Training Course

The BGP Operation and Security Training Course offers an in-depth look into Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). It covers the basics of how it works through to advanced topics such as route reflectors, policy, filtering, route selection and the security aspect of the protocol. The course also covers bogon filtering, Internet Routing Registries and the Resource Certification (RPKI) framework. Participants are able to reinforce the theory through practice with our interactive exercises following each topic.