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The RIPE Routing Registry

The RIPE Routing Registry is a sub-set of the RIPE Database and holds information about routing on the Internet. The routing information is stored in routing policy information described in Autonomous System (AS) objects. The information in these AS objects show how a particular network is routed on the internet. Announcing routing policies in the routing registry gives network operators an opportunity to configure their routers and filters accordingly.

The RIPE Routing Registry is a part of the Internet Routing Registry, a collection of databases that mirror each other.

Routing Registry Training Course

The Routing Registry Training Course is a one-day introduction to the Internet Routing Registry (IRR) use, related tools and RPSL (Routing Registry Specification Language). It is one of the advanced, technical courses that the RIPE NCC offers to its members (LIRs). The course is meant for those network operators and engineers who wish to make use of the Routing Registry for router configuration and troubleshooting.